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Need help diagnosing my Benelli 121-M1


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I've got a Benelli 121-M1 that I've owned since the late '80's. I stopped shooting it around 2000 or so when it started acting-up and it has slowly made it's way to the back of the safe. The last time I fired it has been about 10 years ago. As far as I can recall, the problem was that the part that holds the rounds in the tube had worn to the point that when you fired the shotgun the shell at the back of the tube would slip past the retainer and wedge itself above the loading gate, jamming the gun. From memory, it seems there was a small tab that stuck out on one side that retained the shells in the tube.


Has anyone here ever experienced this problem and if so, what is the name of the part I need to order? I looked on Numrich's site, but can't identify the exact part. Would it be the carrier latch that also serves the purpose of retaining rounds in the tube?


Any help is appreciated. I'm planning to dig the shotgun out on Sunday to take a better look and maybe some pics.


Thanks in advance,


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I used to own three 121M1 shotguns. I love 'em, they were great shotguns. However due to the fact that we can no longer get replacement parts I sold all of them and went to the M4. At this point my only suggestion is to find someone who can fabricate that part for you since it's unlikely you're going to find a NOS replacement part.

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