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Wanted Surefire 617 Spacer Tube for Benelli to to borrow for machine shop to make


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I have a Benelli M2 and obtained a discontinued Surefire 617 integral forearm light. I need the spacer tube - see diagram - and will buy or borrow for 24 hours if someone will let me measure yours.



If you have the plastic spacer, I wish to buy it or need the measurements for a machine shop to make me one.


legal NoSpace briefing AT aol Dot com


Please help.


Manual link







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I have a M-16 version, the Laser Products-predecessor to Surefire on an older M1. What you have to be careful of is the inside diameter of the spacer. You can figure the outside diameter by measuring the end of the forearm that the spacer fits into. The inside diameter can be easily determined by the largest outside diameter measurement of the magazine tube. The M1, which the 617 is designed for, had at least two, if not three, different magazine tubes with different diameters. These may or may not be the same size as the magazine tube on your M2. If you're having one made by a machine shop, it should be easy to figure out the inside and outside diameters of a spacer necessary to fit the M2. The length of the spacer on my older version is two inches but, again, may not be what's needed to fit it to the M2. The housing of the light itself must also fit over the magazine tube. Have you checked its fit to ensure it will be snug up front behind the magazine cap? Does the barrel ring fit tightly in the front of the light housing? Loose? Won't fit at all? Then there's the matter of making sure the machining on the spacer properly fits the contour of the barrel as it fits into the receiver. Oh, and by the way, the spacer is aluminum, not plastic. Things to consider. And, sorry, no, you can't borrow mine without substantial collateral, i.e., a Ford GT40, a Hennessey Veliociraptor SUV, something along those lines. :rolleyes:

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