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Buckshot in Rifled Barrel?


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Wifey and I are moving onto a sailboat to spend our retirement years cruising the South Pacific. I'm hoping this forum has some experience in what I'm legally allowed to have onboard, and what configuration will work with the various shells. The boat is Canadian registered, so I understand I am to adhere by Canadian law.


The gun in question is a Benelli Supernova Tactical that I put a collapsible stock on. It has the standard 18.5" barrel with the ghost ring sight, but from what I read, most countries want a minimum 20"-24" barrel. To meet that, I would simply change to the rifled barrel. I have a trigger lock, and it will be the MSR out in there open. I'm also thinking about putting the mini loads in it. Here are my questions:


1. Anyone know if this configuration would be okay in most ports?


2. Anyone know if this configuration would work well on a boat?


3. Anyone know, as long as I keep the regular barrel separate from the gun, whether I can keep the regular barrel onboard?


4. Can I fire 2/0 buckshot and #8 birdshot through this barrel, or just the sabot slugs?


I've read volumes on the topic of whether to have one onboard when traveling international waters, but I'm of the mind that in having nighttime surveillance technology onboard, I'd like to be able to at least show some force if someone refuses to abide my warnings. Moreover, a 1oz sabot slug through their engine or hull is an excellent deterrent.

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Lead fouling will occur with slugs in a barrel rifled or not (but the use of sabots won't) and the wad in buckshot and birdshot rounds will prevent lead fouling in general (forget using birdshot for fight stopping purposes, it's only effective for that at pointblank range).


Having a shorter than 'legal' barrel onboard but not married to the shotgun may or may not be an issue depending on who you're dealing with and whether or not they want to give you a hard time under the circumstances. In the states having a part which requires a tax stamp when assembled may result in being charged with 'constructive intent' - again depending upon who you're dealing with and under what circumstances.


Being on deck with a 24" barrel shouldn't be much of a handling issue due to overall length, so long as you stay cognizant of where all your rigging is when under stress. The advantage to a longer barrel will of course be greater muzzle energy/velocity.


Sorry, not informed well enough to answer your other questions.

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Worth noting, a Sheriff's deputy in Texas was recently shot in the face at pointblank range with a shotgun. He's still alive yet in critical condition and has lost one eye. His doctors are trying to save his other eye. Apparently he was shot with bird shot because had it been buckshot he would have had his head blown off (more or less).


Don't ever depend on bird shot to defend yourself.

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