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WTB Turkey gun or help me figure this out....


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currently, I have a M2 Field with 28" barrel in bottomland and a HK super 90 tactical. I'm taking my son deer hunting at the end of the month and my buddy told me to bring a shotgun that can shoot slugs; he added that the area gets dark quickly due to tree canopy cover and that I should have a red dot or a scope.


I don't want to drill into the M2 so here's my options as I see them:

1. Buy a dedicated turkey gun that comes with a pic rail.

2. Buy a field gun with rifled barrel and pic rail.

3. Buy a M4; I actually have read of people killing deer this way!

4. Just attach a high viz sight and hope for the best

5. Buy a different brand altogether and likely buy a pump.


My preferences would be number 1-3, not in that order necessarily.


At one time years ago, I had a M2 Turkey with Red Dot scope and should never have sold it!!


Any thoughts or suggestions? I can't afford more than about $1200.

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So on to the next question.....any leads on a rail for the M2 field that is pre-drilled? I bought the turkey gun version 24" barrel and steadygrip in Realtree. Would like to buy the scope base in realtree as well and am only finding one from a company called 'Traditions'.....just not sure it fits the M2.

I also found a Weaver model that should fit fine but it's black. I may just buy it and throw some rattle can paint on it if I can't find the proper rail.

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