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  1. Higher grade of engraving' gold inlays and such. Actual performance of the gun will be much the same as other Benelli auto-loaders.
  2. Fodderwing

    M1 Super 90

    Your shotgun has character marks, used but not abused.
  3. Improved cylinder early season, modified late season as the birds are likely to be more spooky. Pen raised birds may allow you to use a skeet choke. All of the chokes supplied with your SBE II are ok for lead. The full choke may not be ok for steel. i use a modified choke mostly for pheasant.
  4. Fodderwing

    M1 Super 90

    You will still need to apply heat where the tube screws into the receiver. After heating I would try to use strap wrench to unscrew the tube. Reinstallation would require a small drop of blue lock tight. In the meantime I would enjoy the shotgun and not worry about the spring until problems arise. It will likely take many thousands of rounds before you have trouble.
  5. I have some Apex TSS Hometown Blend to try out in my M2 20ga this year.
  6. Fodderwing

    M1 Super 90

    The OP mentions "recoil spring". The response discusses the magazine spring. So, is the question regarding the recoil spring or the magazine spring?
  7. Did you purchase insurance? i purchased a firearm from a seller in New Mexico. The gun made it Albuquerque and never left. UPS paid the insurance claim. Going on two years now.
  8. I had a similar problem with my SBE 2, took the end cap and spring retainer off, pulled the spring out with the follower. The magazine was gritty, swabbed the magazine out with an oily cloth, no problems since.
  9. Did you purchase your M2 from a gun store, if yes, they would be good place to start asking.. if purchased from big retailer or internet dealer, I would contact customer service. https://www.benelliusa.com/customer-service/contact-us
  10. Fodderwing


    How does your new SBE2 shoot?
  11. Normal, as long as it snugs up tight when the cap is screwed down.
  12. What type of ammo, length, powder charge, etc.?
  13. There is a post on Benelli's Facebook page showing an M2 a young lady used to bag a whitetail, the gun in the picture has a scope mounted. It can be done. can you post a picture of the top of your M2's receiver?
  14. My SBE II had some little plugs I knocked out of the top of the receiver to use the predrilled and tapped holes to attach an optics mount. Does you M2 not have this feature?
  15. How about this https://www.midwestgunworks.com/page/mgwi/prod/80114
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