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  1. Same issue here. I tried to load S&B 2 3/4 inch 00 buck and could not get the last round to load. After switching to Hornady critical defense I was able to load the gun fully. Setting the rounds side by side it was obvious why there was an issue. I am in no way recommending this round I'm just pointing out the size difference in rounds. Congrats on the new M4.
  2. Could this help? https://freedomfightertactical.com/products/the-freedom-fighter-tactical-forend-washers-for-the-benelli-m2
  3. Wow. Thanks for that manual. The "book" that come with the Benelli M4 is fine but this USMC manual is exactly what I needed/wanted.
  4. tekguy

    M4 home safety

    Thank you all for your replies and help. Also just to update. I just purchased a box of Hornandy Critical Defense 00 buck 2 3/4 inch and five fit in the tube effortlessly. S&B are just to long to fit to maximum capacity. All is good in my world now.
  5. tekguy

    M4 home safety

    I'm not so worried about the trigger safety. I'm more worried about drop safety. I have no kids or people in and out of my house. I keep my striker fired weapons ready to fire and my 1911 cocked and locked condition 1 but I also know those have at least some type of drop safety. Does anyone know if the M4 is "drop safe"? I would think that being a US Marine weapon, bouncing around in Humvees that they would be drop safe to an extent but I dont know the mechanics of the M4 and I don't want to be That guy. But now that I have the tube and spring coming it really does not matter as much to me, as I can keep 6 in the tube and one on the carrier.
  6. tekguy

    M4 home safety

    I m using Sellier&Bellot. I comes in at 2.48 inches on my mitutoyo calipers. I called Benelli and they told me to check for blockages and if there are none, to cut the spring. I just ordered a 7 round tube and Wolff spring. So we can close this topic.
  7. tekguy

    M4 home safety

    Im using 2 3/4 S&B and it is definitely not a push harder issue. I can feel it bottom out.
  8. tekguy

    M4 home safety

    As of today I am a owner of a new M4. I have a a question about safety. I was surprised to find that the M4 only holds four 2 3/4 in the tube. From my reading I thought it was 5+1. I was planning on keeping the chamber empty and 5 in the tube with the cartridge drop lever ready to accept the round. How safe is this firearm if it is kept in condition 1? Funny I'm asking this on the day I sent my Sig P320 in to have the trigger voluntary recall work done due to the drop issues.
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