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M1 Price check??


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M1 S-90 21" bbl. HD camo (excellent condition)

Leupold Vari-X I 2-7 scope

B-Square saddle mount with rings

Kicks GT camo turkey choke tube

Extended (rifled) slug tube

Sims pad and QD camo sling

Benelli hard case with all factory tubes, wrench, and paperwork.


Is $1000 a reasonable price for everything listed??

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No offense, but most of that stuff is pretty common in the used gun & used parts market.


The 21" M1 is not a popular used gun - I'd give it a value of $650 tops - I can find them NIB for $750 with full 5 year factory warranty - Cabelas has NIB M1 SteadyGrips for $849 - real world value on that gun is about $550, maybe $600, or whatever someone is willing to pay!


I see used Vari-X I's for as low as $50. I bought a used Vari-X II 2-7 for $60 two years ago. The Vari-X I is now the Rifleman or something cheap like that from Leupold, and goes for $170 NIB.


B-Square mounts? I have 3-4 in a parts box. Worth maybe $10 on E-Bay.


Kicks choke? Got one in the parts box - worth about $15 on E-Bay.


What brand of slug tube? Rhino might be worth $25+ - Carlsons maybe $5, $10 tops.


Used Sims pad maybe $7, sling maybe $5.


Benelli gun case = $0, it came with the gun.


The real world value on that gun is no more than $800, imho of course...


mudhen - CA

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