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sbe 2 loose fore end

steve takach

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I have an SBE 2 left hand... I bought new about 5 years ago and the fore end was always a little  loose but this season it got worse and this past weekend I was on a canadian duck hunt and the snap rings in the fore arm came out of the plastic in the fore end and the fore end was like a pump shotgun. when the it was that loose I was missing very easy shots. It would shoot about 4 feet low. I rigged it so it wouldn’t move and shot a limit of 6 reds this morning. Benneli looks like they have a design problem.... this seems to be a common problem. I just ordered a new one and hopefully I can get better life out of this one

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Snap rings in the forearm??  What snap rings?  There should be two "flat" washers and one spring washer (not flat - sort of bent), and one elastic ring (your "snap ring"?) that's "C" shaped with little wings that fit into recesses in the forearm.  They should go into the front end of the forearm in this order:  flat, spring, flat, elastic.  Once installed on the gun there's no way for them to "come out" of the forearm.  The barrel ring pushes against them and the magazine cap holds it all in place.  Exactly how did they come out??

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