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SBE Shotting High and to the Left


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I bought a new SBE 12 gauge about 20 years ago.  I had been using a Remington 11-87 3" Magnum.  I suddenly couldn't hit anything.  A few years ago I gave up and put my Benelli in the closet.  A friend last year suggested I pattern the Benelli.  I did and discovered it was shooting about 8-12 inches high and 4-6 inches to the left at 40 yards (3 1/2 inch 2 shot Federal Steel).  I'm looking for instructions on what shims to use to correct this problem?  I don't understand the geometry (does dropping the stock drop the POI?).

Thank you.


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Think of the end of the stock/recoil pad as a rear sight. When making sight in adjustments we move the rear sight the direction we wan the POI to move. In your case move the stock down (more drop than it has now) and to the right (more cast than it has now) to move the POI down and to the right. Which shims to use? Cant tell you that -you will need to see which shim set up you gun has in it now, then swap to the shim that add more drop and cast than it currently has.


How does moving the stock change the POI? It really does not, but it will make it easier for YOU to look where the gun is shooting its POI, and that is the goal: to have the gun shoot where you are looking; ie. your eye lined up like a rear sight.

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