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Anybody know about these?

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I am purchasing a Benelli M1 Super 90, I believe it is a "tactical" model.

The seller bought it in 2008 and says that it came with the "parkerized" barrel and the muzzle brake.

Does anyone know anything about these?


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Could be one of the old "practical" guns that were marketed to competition shooters back when.  It came with an extended magazine, 26 inch barrel with a large muzzle brake.  Overall, it was looooong.  I think they also put that muzzle brake on some regular "tactial" versions.  The muzzle brake was basically an extended choke tube that was screwed into the barrel and threaded for installation of the brake.  Without further info on the gun you're looking at, it's just speculation as to exactly what it is.

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Hey truckcop, see the photo below. I know it is upside down, but it gives you a better idea.


Thanks for the information above and whatever else you can tell me about this.

Benelli M1 Super 90 photo.jpg

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