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SBEII best upland choke


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Hi all, went through the manual and I can not find any info on what choke is approved for lead shot? Checked Google and all I can find is arguments on factory vs aftermarket chokes for waterfowl/turkey/deer hunting. Looking at what choke I should use while rabbit/quail/chucker/pheasant/squirrel hunting? 

I'm using the factory modified now (3notch) and its super tight shooting 6 to 7.5 oz low and high brass lead upland loads 

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Improved cylinder early season, modified late season as the birds are likely to be more spooky.

Pen raised birds may allow you to use a skeet choke.

All of the chokes supplied with your SBE II are ok for lead.  The full choke may not be ok for steel.

i use a modified choke mostly for pheasant.

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I'm using an extended LM in my SBE 2 since that's what I'm comfortable with from shooting sporting clays often. I think for Dove hunting you cannot go wrong with an IC (4 notches). I think its the best choke and you cannot go wrong. I also use 7.5, 1 1/8 oz 1200fps Winchester white box for $5 box. Definitely get you a Mojo Dove decoy and don't leave home with out it.

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