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Greetings, and M1 magazine question

Jimmy D

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Hello Team,

  Long time lurker first time poster.  Great Forum!

Here's the current situation:  I have an M1 Super90 which I believe to be the "Tactical" or "Defense" version.  It has the pistol grip stock, 18.5" barrel (with no provisions for choke), the magazine tube is one piece, i.e: not extended in anyway, nor is there a cap on the end of the tube, and it holds seven 2.75" rounds.  It runs like a champ and I love it, with one exception. 

Here's the problem:  I'm using this shotgun in local Multi-Gun matches and I'm just getting into quad loading. It sure would be nice if the tube held 8 rounds :).  I'm hesitant to go any further as the magazine would stick out too far past the short barrel, plus with the stages we run anymore capacity isn't needed.

Here's the question:  Could I use a 4-shot tube from a "Standard" M1 or M2 or any other model for that matter, then add an extension to get to my 8 round capacity?  Is there a more elegant solution?

  Any suggestions you have are greatly appreciated.


 Jimmy D 



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The older HK imports with the one piece tube have different threads into the receiver than later versions and M2's.  Me, I'd go with what I got there (I've got two of those older versions).  RCI, the x-rail folks, used to make higher cap one-piece tubes for the older guns but I think they quit making them.  You could check with them.  

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