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Nova Loose Front End


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Shot it today, loved it, but the rattle is starting to bug me. Any suggestions? I will open it up to clean and inspect tonight but I gathered at the range that this is "normal" for the Nova. Hmm. Normal? Despite this, it is still a great pump. I am trying to convince a friend to try one. His Ithaca auto just died and is in the market. I will post a second question on this.

Anyway - thought on tightening the Nova, with all that plastic I am not sure if torquing down on screws will be the answer, I may be wrong.

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I take it your talking about the "rattling" of the fore end grip. If you look close it moves along with the rails on the action slide assembly. (which its attached too.) So tightening down the screws won't change anything, unfortunately. Its my only complaint about the nova it has to much play in my oppionon. It doesn't give the gun a "solid" feeling thats for sure. However once you run rounds through it you realize its a good gun in all the right places.

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