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Help from other Supernova owners please


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Just joined this website and this being my first post I in the most sincere intent as possible wish I were making a much more positive post and not a request for assistance.

I recently bought a new Benelli Supernova and based my purchase on after a fellow I met at my rifle club had one he let me inspect and then shoot. I liked it enough to stray from my old stand by of over 35 years my multiple Remington 870’s.

Unfortunately no one anywhere near me sells Supernovas except in the tactical models with 18” barrels and I wanted this one as a dedicated turkey gun and much prefer a longer barrel  . So I went to my LGS and inquired about ordering one with a 23-24” barrel. Surprisingly my LGS could get me one with both a 24” barrel and a pistol grip stock at a VERY good price. With one exception though, as he sold very very few non-tactical Supernovas and stopped carrying themI had to agree to take the gun unless it arrived damaged or otherwise in an unusable state.

I now had my Supernova in hand and proceeded to go to Youtube to pull up a video on how to disassemble it for its first cleaning prior to use. That’s when the buzz kill started. 

Along with videos on disassembling the gun several videos on how to fix multiple problems common to Supernovas also popped up obviously completely unknown to me prior to buying, after all it’s a Benelli and Benelli makes among the best most reliable semi-auto shotguns in the world I figured making an even better pump shotgun of a far simpler design than their semi-autos should be a no-brained, right?

According to these videos the Supernova suffers from #1 misfires due to light primer strikes.

#2 & #3 It also has a common problem with the loading gate resulting in double feeding and causing shells to bottom eject instead of feeding into the chamber

And it’s 4th problem the videos claimed were common to many Supernovas is with its trigger sticking all the way pack in the fired position that requires you to grasp the trigger and move it forward back to the fire position this problem is more prevalent when shooting heavy recoiling shells like the 3.5” turkey loads I plan on shooting out of it 90%+ of the time.

So here are my questions to other Supernova owners.

#1 Has Benelli worked these bugs out and my gun having been manufactured in 2017 won’t be prone to them and if not just how common really are the above problems to Supernovas?

#2 I can check for the cycling issues with out firing the gun and resulting in it being reclassified as a used VS new gun in the event I wish to sell it or trade it on a different shotgun, but short of firing it I have really no way to determine if it will suffer any of the trigger or misfire issues.

Lastly and I need some straight forward no B.S. honesty here from other Supernova owners should I just sell it or trade it in on a new shotgun as it’s still in unused new perfect condition? I have to be quite frank and say my confidence in this gun is badly shaken.

I own no less than three 870’s a Wingmatser,  and both a 3” and 3.5” Express that combined have digested countless 1000s of shells from the lightest trap loads to magnum Foster Slugs as well as a great many 3” and 3.5” turkeys loads with not a single issue ever.

Makes one wonder why I even bought anything other than another 870, but I like to try new guns now and then.

So can any Supernova aficionados tell me if my gun is prone to the above problems or are they isolated enough I shouldn’t worry?

Although I am VERY adept at working on my firearms I have no desire whatsoever to take apart a brand new gun and start modifying parts by filing or shaving off material from them (as shown in several different videos) in order to get my gun to run trouble free and just as unacceptable would be to end up shipping my gun back to Benelli.

So Supernova owners can you help me out with my situation?





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Only advice I can offer is, not everything on the Intertubez is true.

You should take the shotgun to a range and shoot it. Run a few sporting clays courses, pattern your new gun to find the best turkey load.

Give the gun a chance to function before you panic.

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I've had my S.N. for less than a year, not a box through it.  Eight light strikes the first duck hunt.  Read up on fixing the problem, did so, and it malfunctions the next hunt.  Put it away and drug out my old trusty Nova.  Kicked the hell out my shoulder!!  That's why I wanted the Super Nova.  Because it's supposed to be easier on my bad shoulder.  Cleaned it up again, re-lubed,  except the firing pin and took it dove hunting.  Eighty five degrees and it short striked the first dove that flew by. As most know, in dove hunting, you shoot fast and don't have to worry if the forearm is all the way forward.  Back to the truck for the old Nova.  Sore shoulder today.  This is B.S.  I could send it to Benelli, but, read where they're five weeks out and it would come back with a note that they couldn't find a thing wrong with it.  Don't trust it.  Won't use it.  Don't want to dump it on someone else.  If there are others who are fed up with this gun and lack of assistance from Benelli, there are probably enough of us out there to bring a class action suit.  Anyone know a shyster that would like to get involved?  How much is a ruined duck hunt?  Dove hunt?  Sore shoulder?  Agravation?

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