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M2 Shell in tube not being grabbed intermittenly


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I have a meticulously maintained 2 year old M2 Field lefty with approximately 1500 rounds that had performed flawlessly until last week while my daughter was shooting trap doubles. The second shell in the tube was not being grabbed by the carrier latch. It happened 3 times randomly in the round of 50.  Nothing new, same shells since day 1, Rio 1 1/8 oz 1200 fps 3 drams.  I took the gun home, cleaned and lubed it again(removing all parts and reassembling as usual).  Went out and fired 102 rounds 3 at a time of Rios, estates, Federals, and Nobels flawlessly.  No worse feeling than seeing your kid look back at you when the gun fails in the middle of a competition.  Any ideas?

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Are you saying the 2nd shell is not coming out of the mag tube and cycling into the chamber?

If that is the issue is the 2nd shell coming partially out of the magazine tube, but not getting far enough back into the action for the bolt to close and feed the shell into the chamber? - or is the 2nd shell not exiting the magazine tube at all?


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