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Stoeger M3500 Carrier Spring Plate problem


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Anyone having a problem with the Carrier Spring Plate in their 3500 dislodging after a few shots? I’ve had problems where the CSP will dislodge after 3 shots then the carrier pin will float around in the receiver and the gun won’t chamber the next round and the bolt won’t lock in the rear position. My fix has been to superglue the CSP into its notch on the trigger assembly but after 200 rounds or so the CSP will dislodge again and I have to re seat it after I pull the trigger assembly. If the CSP is not super glued it’ll dislodge after 3-6 shots. 

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As a matter of fact yes.  I have a 3500 and my son has a 3000 and they both have the same issue.  The 3000 didn't start doing it for two years, then it was every couple of boxes, the 3500 made it through 125 rounds before it happened then it was 3 shots.  I did the super glue thing on the 3000 and it's still holding after 300 rounds, the 3500 bent the CSP bad enough it wouldn't go back into the trigger assembly so I contacted Benelli about the issue and asked if there was a factory fix.  They got back to me within a hour and they are going to send me a CSP, however, they gave no response to the factory fix question.  When new CSP comes it's getting the super glue fix and I'm going to buy a half a dozen extra CSPs just in case because having your gun become useless 30 minutes after shoot time starts and the birds are working really sucked. LOL

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