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Cordoba with older style Crio Chokes


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I have a 12 GA Cordoba with a 30" barrel and it has the older style Crio chokes, NOT the Crio Plus chokes.

My question is, if I purchased a new cordoba barrel do they run with the Crio Plus chokes, and will it fit an older model Cordoba. I'm assuming it's older because it runs the original crio chokes. My reasoning is I also own an M2 12 GA that has crio plus chokes and I'd like to be able to change tubes on both models. Thanks for any helpful responses!

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The crio chokes in your older Cordoba you will never see again. Yes, a new barrel will fit the older gun with no problem. It was a mistake from the factory to use those threads and were only in the first couple of hundred guns. No guns or extra barrels were made like that after. So yes, if the barrel you buy is less than 10 years old, your M2 and new Cordoba barrel will have the same chokes. Do not ever switch the chokes between the older and newer Cordoba barrels. 

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