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SuperSport II is having cycling issues after 14 years


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I bought  this shotgun about 14 years ago. Its a super sport 2 I shoot sporting clays with it every year, has 50k rounds + through it. I am starting to get the issue of shells getting stuck on an angle with the end of the shell getting stuck on the edge of the barrel on the ejection side. Has anyone else seen this problem?


Thank you.

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While you're at it, disassemble the magazine tube and clean it out well. Do not put any lubricant on the spring, follower or inside the magazine tube.

How does the trigger pack feel when you take it out and move the components like the shell elevator and hammer? Any signs of resistance or grit? Tearing it down and cleaning it might be a good idea. My M4 tutorial guide will work for disassembling and reassembling the Super Sport pack fairly close.

I'd look for signs of wear on the extractor claw to make sure it isn't slipping off the shells. Does the extractor claw feel like it has good tension? This spring is difficult to replace, so if it seems okay, leave it alone for now.

Scrub out the chamber well to make sure no molten plastic shells are present and no lead deposits are causing the shells to stick. A Tornado brush works the best for removing deposits. If the shells are sticking in the chamber, it could be causing issues with extraction.

I'd consider replacing the inertia spring and springs inside the trigger pack/bolt carrier and recoil spring tube after 50,000 rounds. Brownells is a great source for them.


Light lubricant everywhere in this firearm. Grease on sear contact points in the trigger pack only.

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