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M4 manually cycle for cartridge replacement practice


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Have only had the new M4 out shooting once and it did great; a great shotgun! I have to drive a bit to get to a shooting area so I am not readily able to practice with live fire.

In what I have read about cartridge replacement, after firing-manually eject the current chambered round and insert the desired round into the chamber or on top of the lifter and let the bolt go home. (Or release the desired round from the magazine via the cartridge drop lever, etc.)

When manually practicing with dummy rounds, I pull the trigger-hammer falls on chambered round.

I then simulate the auto ejection by pulling the bolt back and letting it go. This chambers a new round from the mag; I expect that.

I then pull back the bolt to eject that new round so I can do the cartridge replacement. I expect the next round to stay in the mag, but it drops onto the lifter.

So, is it normal to have to eject two unfired rounds before the rounds stop coming out of the mag? Maybe it is different with live fire?

Thank you!



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Lets say you load four dummy rnds into mag...and bolt is closed..

racking the bolt should do nothing. It should not load a round onto the lifter..nothing. you could sit there and rack it open and closesd all day with rnds in the mag and nothing will happen. 


you press that little red button....


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Yes that is exactly what mine does. As long as I don't pull the trigger.

Once I pull the trigger, I manually rack it once to eject the "fired" dummy round. This chambers a round from the mag. I rack it to eject that round (without firing that dummy round). This chambers another round from the mag. Once I eject that one, they stop feeding from the mag.

Is this normal or are they supposed to stop feeding after the first unfired round is ejected?

Thanks again

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When you pull the trigger two things will happen:

1. The hammer will fall.

2: A new round will automatically be thrown onto the lifter from the magazine.

When you manually rack it to eject the "fired" dummy round, all that should happen is 

1. dummy round gets pulled out of barrel and falls to floor

2.New dummy round (already resting and waiting on lifter from pulling trigger) should lift and slide into barrel as bolt is closed behind it.


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