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SBE II not ejecting!!!


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Ok I thought it was the extractor but gunsmith thinks everything is up to specs. He looked it over and shot it and everything worked fine of course. Cleaned immaculately, lightly oiled and fired the next day and about every other time would not eject 3" shell from chamber. Again stuck half way out of chamber with second shell trying to come up.

Bolt is fully back and not in contact with the empty shell.


This is a new problem and did not happen last year at all. Happens primarily with Kent buy also Federal shells. Also noticed that when did cycle and shoot 3 shells the third shell would remain within the case just floating free and I would have to dump it out the ejection port? Thought the 3rd shell should fully eject from the gun?


Very frustrated as may have to send back to benelli which means not having my gun for the season.

Anybody have any idea why an SBE II would be malfunctioning in this manner? I am prety much clueless.

Thanks alot.

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