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Does a Slip-on Limbsaver reduce more recoil than replacement pad?


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I'm thinking about buying the small Limbsaver Airtech Slip-on 1" LOP Model #10550 for my M4 because I don't think there is a Limbsaver Airtech that fits the M4.  There used to be a Noveski Adapter but it was discontinued and I don't believe anyone has released a replacement.  If I'm wrong about this, please let me know.

What I'm wondering is....does a slip-on actually reduce more recoil than a replacement recoil pad since you're using 2 recoil pads?  What if you install a replacement recoil pad and then also use a Slip-on recoil pad on top of that, does that reduce even more recoil since you're using two aftermarket limbsavers?

Anyone do a comparison or notice a difference?  I selected the small slip-on because it has a 1" lop versus .5 for all the others, and although I don't need the extended length, I'm hoping the additional weight and more material will help minimize the recoil as much as possible.  And I figured that I can stretch a smaller size to fit but it's not going to work if it's too big.

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On 1/4/2020 at 1:20 PM, calviroman said:

Assuming you have the C-Stock you need the Limbsaver 10403 and two M4-0.7 x 16 mm Phillips Pan Head Machine Screws.  Total cost is under $40.  The slide on one is trashy on a M4.

I'm using the conventional field stock, not the c-stock.  Yeah, it's not pretty but I need something because the recoil drains the fun.

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I may get roasted for this but here goes.  I made a clone of the Noveske bracket for my second M4.

3/16" x 5/8" x 4.5" aluminum bar

Benelli screw holes 13/64th dia and 3-15/16" on center.  90deg countersink leaving 1/16" not c-sunk.

Limbsaver holes are 10 x 32pitch and are on 3-5/16" centers.

Ends are shaped leaving 5/16" flat centered.  Measure down the sides and remove the outer edges to the line.  Narrow end 1/2".  Rounded end 1/8".  



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