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Benelli M2 feeding issues


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I recently purchased a Benelli M2 as my first firearm and after a while I decided to put a carlson's magazine tube extension on that my father had laying around still in the box. After I installed the extension according to the instructions I inserted dummy rounds to see how many the extension would hold. Well the shells just stayed in the magazine tube and did not leave the magazine and hop onto the carrier. I am not very gun savvy you could say and I am unsure as to what I have done wrong. I kept the original follower in the magazine and then tried with the follower provided by in the extension box. I have searched everywhere I can find the past 4 hours on the internet and could not find a solution to my problem. I can upload pictures or a video tomorrow morning of my predicament.

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My advise, remove the magazine tube extension, here is why.  At some point you will damage your carrier latch.  The carrier latch hold and shells into the magazine tube.  Your carrier latch is not designed to withstand the pressure of the additional loading and cycling of shells with this extension.   I replace several carrier latches in Benelli every year.  The majority of these are from guns with magazine tube extensions.  If you do install the magazine tube extension, I would use it as little as possible at full capacity.

The SBEIII and the ethos use the new style two piece carrier latches.

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