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Kent Shotgun Shells

Paul Schiel

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I have a Benelli M1-Super 190 in 20 gauge.  I am having issues including cycling Kent 3 inch waterfowl loads that are 1250fps. They only work 20% of the time which is very frustrating when you consider the cost that goes into duck hunting,  Does anyone else have issues with Kent ammunition in their Benelli’s?

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Hi Paul, Here is a test for your shells, remove the barrel from your gun, point the muzzle down, every shells should fall into the chamber without obstruction, Benelli bores there guns fairly tight, to capture inertia, if your shells do not fall into the chamber freely, stop using them or hit them with a belt sander.  This issue is very prevalent with BB's, all manufacturers, the tolerance is just not tight enough, yet you will not hear a peep about this topic from anyone.

I have very successfully repaired over 800, this is a topic I demonstrate to all of my customers.


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Remarkable, thank.you for your reply!  When I got home from my last duck hunting trip I headed to the gun shop where I bought my gun the next day.  Great shop with knowledgeable staff.  Expressed my concerns and issues.  He took my gun to the gunsmith and came back in about 15 minutes.  He said, feel the barrel!  It was hot.  He ran 24 shells through the gun of various makes both 2 3/4 and 3 inch.  He said it shot flawlessly! He said you don’t have a gun problem, you have a ammunition problem. Then he said Benelli’s do not like Kent ammunition, goes for 12’s & 20’s.  I bought a case of Heavy Metal Waterfowl loads at 1350 fps which he said would do the job.  I’m leaving Tuesday for my next trip.  I have used heavy shot before and it does do the job, although pricey.  Thank you again for your advice, will test the new ammo along with the Kent ammo.

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