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Off Center Front Front bead


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Hey everyone,

First time posting here and I’m hoping someone can give me a little insight. I just got my SBE 3 Cerakoted and while in the shop I had  the factory front bead replaced with a HiViz compSight. After inspecting the new sight after instillation it seems as if it is off centered to the right a hair. I spoke with my gunsmith who installed the sight and he said it’s common that the holes are drilled off center from time to time.  Has anyone experienced this?

Not sure if I should contact Benelli or just leave it as is?

Attached is a photo.



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You can move the back end of that HiViz to the left if it helps you (you only see the end of the fiber bead with the gun shouldered) - but the best practice when shooting moving targets is to focus your eyes on the target, not the bead (in other words....don't look at the front bead when shooting)

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Thanks for all the reply's.

I should have held off on my original post....When I got home from work yesterday I removed the sight and the original hole is centered perfectly. The issue was when the sight was installed.  There's a little wiggle room from side to side when the screw is seated so once I played around with it I was able to get it right. 



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