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Ported vs Unported (well a little more than that)


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can any one give any information on what the advantages of a ported choke tube would be besides the possible reduction in recoil/muzzle jump??? Doing research on choke tubes for the new SBE II that I purchased for this duck season I was told by a company that patternmaster's pattened internal stud system was a total marketing ploy, which with the articles that I have read and no high speed film to back up their claims I feel pretty strongly that this is true, in my eyes a choke tube is a choke tube, all have a set constriction that is only effected by the conical section and the paralell section, correct?? So as long as you have the constriction that you want and find a company that gives an evenly tapered conical section and a long enough paralell section the rest are just add-ons to an already over-priced piece of 17-04 stainless steel, please correct me if I'm wrong. this is an on-going battle with my buddy in the duck blind, and I want to be prepared this season, any ballistic data on shot patterns would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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You might want to try paragraphs and some cap letters!


I think the reason for the ports is to reduce recoil/muzzle jump. What other advantage would you be looking for?


It's kinda like saying "I super-charged my engine, other than going faster/more power, can anyone tell me the advantage to super-charging?".


I take you have never shot a PM? If you had/have, you would not be asking about the studs. They work. Too well for some. They are waaaay too tight for my crappy shooting. Shoot some on a photo-chrony and your questions will be answered.



Do you really think PM is lying? Do you really think their entire existance is a fraud?




You may need to check your eyes. With Benelli ID's being all over the board, depending on how worn the tools were when a particular barrel was made, there is no way for a choke tube to be just a choke tube.


I can't correct you. A particular Benelli might just match it's chokes perfectly. It might match some aftermarket chokes perfectly. This has not been the case for me, so I have had to purchase many tubes to find the ones I like.


Choke tubes in my SBE II don't even remotely fit well. I have huge gaps from the barrel to the choke tube. The Primos chokes close this gap the best, and logically, shoot the best in my SBE II.


I have 6-7 identical constriction chokes for my SBE II. All shoot different patterns. Go figger...


mudhen - CA

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Porting on the choke tube just makes for a dirty job of changing the choke tube. It cannot do a thing for muzzle jump because it is ported around the entire circumference of the tube. If it were ported only on the top of the tube when it is snug; it might help some with muzzle junp. As for recoil reduction if any it will be minimal.

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