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M4 H20 Question/Issue


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I just bought my first Shotgun the Benelli M4 H2O Tactical with the Titanium Cerakote finish and just have a few questions regarding maintenance.  When I bought the gun, the store told me not to use regular cleaners on the finish so just wondering if anyone can recommend one that will not "harm" the finish.  Also has anyone else ever had an issue where the serial number appears either laser burned or rusting on the barrel?  The receiver does not look this way so just wondering?  It was purchased 2 days ago so rust shouldn't be an issue so I'm thinking it just laser burn but wondering if anyone has seen/encountered this.  It was clearly etched after the finish was done though.  Thank you again and look forward to joining/contributing to the community.


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Cerakote is pretty tough stuff. You shouldn’t have to baby it with special cleaners. I have an ultrasonic tank full of Hoppes #9 that is heated. Think of it as a heated scented candle holder for the garage. I’ve left parts in there overnight without issues. 

You might be able to scrub that burn mark off. I think I recall seeing other painted H2O’s with similar burns. No idea why they did that since the serial isn’t the same as the receivers. 

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