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Collapsible stock


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Hi just got my benelli M4. Put it together and the collapsible stock is like James. Turns a few degrees clockwise from the rear but won’t move or go back to being straight . The button to pus in is here hard to push in any idea’s. Followed what the manual said to do,and looked at u-tube..any advice would be appreciated. Thank you Joe

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Odd for that model to be giving you trouble. Are you in California by any chance?

The stock isn't attached to the extension at all, correct? Normally you slide the stock on to the receiver extension canted about 45 degrees to the left while holding the button in. Then you will rotate the stock 90 degrees to the right while still holding the button. Then you can slide the stock up and down the extension to the three notches. You'll see witness grooves on the extension to help you visually align them. Then you will rotate the stock 45 degrees back to the left and let go of the button. The stock should be indexed correctly with no cant at this point.


Take a look beneath the plastic cheek riser to see if there is an allen head screw that enters the stock. You might be able to see it without removing the cheek riser.

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The stock came already attached. Just can’t adjust it. Button hard to push in. Turned it to the right but won’t adjust. Takes two people to pull on it to move it can’t get it to go back to original position. Took the cheek plate off didn’t see any Allen head screw. Looks like a pin. 

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