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Benelli R1 VS Browning BAR Safari


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Originally posted by jcayala:

What advantages or disadvantages does the new Benelli R1 have over the new Browning BAR Safari as far as accuracy, durability, reliability, maintenece, and overall performance?

Accuracy - R1 is as good or better. YMMV.


Durability - BAR may have slight adavantage. I say this because my R1's stock cracked on the second day of use. Other than that, no problems.


Reliability - I think the R1 could go longer between cleanings and still function normally. Mine's never given me any trouble mechanically.


Maintenance - The R1 has a distinct advantage. Takes down in seconds with no special tools. Can clean the barrel from the breech end. Barrel extends to make the top of the receiver, so when you take it down, everything is wide open.


Here's mine


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The stock cracked while firing.

The grain ran straight from butt to grip and it just cracked. The wood stock, in my opinion, is too thin and light. The ComforTech would have been my preference, but they weren't avaliable last year.


One thing the above photo doesn't show.

The bolt handle snaps out and then the entire bolt assy. is easily removed. This makes it a cinch to clean.

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Comfortech in 270 WSM and I'd be all over it! Anyone have any updates on the WSM calibers?




How solid does the barrel mount to the upper receiver? Rock solid or slight movement? What caliber is your R1 and what kind of 5 shot groups are you getting at 100 yards? Excellent pics! Thanks!

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I've had a Browning BAR Safari in .300 Win Mag for about 12 years or so. It has functioned flawlessly mechanically. It has the BOSS system w/muzzle brake ... which I quickly came to loath. I had expected to match my bolt action .300 in accuracy and instead had an incredibly hard time getting it adjusted to any ammo I tried. Burned boxes and boxes of shells. To the point of sending back to Browning for evaluation. It is also insanely loud. Disregarding my unpleasant experience with the BOSS ... the gun is very soft shooting and extremely reliable. If I had to choose a semi auto .300 today ... well the only thing I can say for sure is it would be the more accurate of the two brands; and WITHOUT the BOSS system.

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