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M4 Feeding problem


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I have a brand new M4 which I haven't used until recently. I bought from Gander mountain which now has closed.

I put a extended tub and a magazine follower on it. When I fires a round the following shell will not cycle into the barrel or action and gets hung up near the base plate? So I have to manually pull the charging handle and then it cycles and fires.

Any suggestions as to why this is occurring?  I am using good quality ammo etc.

Thank you

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Why are you giving up on it so quickly? I would break it down, lube it real well, load it up and manually cycle shells thru it to see if there is any hang up doing that.

Even if there is or isn't a hang up manually running shells thru it, I'd then fire it a bunch using full power 00 or slugs.

Then see how it runs after/during that exercise. I'd do anything I could to avoid shipping a gun anywhere.

Some of them just need a little working-in when new out of the box.

Good luck.

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