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Extending Forcing Cone- is it worth it ?


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Just out of pure curiousity - has anyone lengthen forcing cone on their SBE's ( any model ), to what length, and what was the main reason ??.


Just today, someone at the range asked me very same question . It got me thinkin, and of course Benelli forum came to mind .

What's the true length of cone in SBE II SS ???


So far it didn't even cross my mind to mess around with any of my scatter guns. They all pattern well , no need to fix if it ain't broken. My SBE SS barrel patterns very well with 8,9shot and Trulock chokes , so theres no immediate need for any alterations, but it's good to know every detail. Some people do extend them up to 5" , but from what i heard approx. 2" is enough to do the trick ...


Anyways , I'd love to read your opinions, surely most of you Guys have some experience on this matter.





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