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Benelli works magic- free range time


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Went to the range today with the boy (13) to plink some rounds. Started with the 10/22, RSO popped over for some conversation as the kid was shooting away like 22lr was in surplus. Saw my Savior bag, and asked what else ya got. Said, brought the 30.06, and a Benelli 12, and wanted the boy to shoot both. His eyes got a little sparkly, first because the boy was going to tackle both for the first time, but secondly because I said the B word. So said when he’s ready-wants to see him shoot.

Really he wanted to see the 12, because he had heard of em, never shot, never seen one in person. I said sure. Anyways boy gets up on the .06, and plugs away a group that was impressive for the first time bolt shooting and a rifle that size. (Insert proud dad moment).

broke out the 11707, shot a magazine (spring cut worked beautifully for the 7 round). Loaded another and brought the boy to the table. RSO must have been eyeballing, didn’t have to call him over. Boy took it like a champ for three rounds, and was understandably done (Insert Shit Eating grin  proud dad moment here).  Oh and he was headshot three for three. First time 15 yards, stock ghost ring.

Looked at the RSO, and he had a huge smile with a thumbs up. So I reloaded, and put another box on the bench. Told him - all yours. Without a word, jumped in and off to races. When he was done, he was pissed (jokingly) that I just made him spend 1800 on a new shotgun. Gave me some thanks, and off to pay attention to the others. We were about out of range time, and I was going to go get some more (kid was havin a ball). RSO walked up and said next hour on me. So, we let the boy shoot some more .06, and 10/22 and let the RSO put some more downrange With the 12. All he could talk about was how smooth and accurate it was. All in all, three people had a great day with one gun, and probably will have a new member in short order. Lol

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Sounds like a good day.

My first experience with the M4 came after teaching a friend to shoot for the first time. She did surprisingly well with a shotgun and much to me trying to convince her to otherwise due to LOP issues, weight and magazine capacity, she just felt most comfortable with it. So she asked what the best shotgun money could buy was, and I just said Benelli M4. Next range trip, much to my surprise she showed up with an H20 M4 and let me put a few boxes through it. She said my grin  went ear to ear. Guess who just recently bought an 11707 for himself and now just joined a Benelli forum. So ya... you may very well have cost that RSO some money lol... These things are contagious.

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