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Finally Going to Sling It


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Am now realizing just how important a sling is on any long gun.  I did some searching on prior posts and thanks to members like Evolution, Seve Rose, Mickey d, GlenM and others I am off the races.  The purpose of this post is to solicit any further suggestions for slinging my M4 with conventional and pistol grip stocks (no collapsible stocks here in Cali). 

I'm ordering a padded Blue Force Gear sling with sewn-in QD hardware on the front and back ends of the sling.  That will take care of the front attach point using the IWC light mount.  I plan to attach the sling to the right side of the stock per recommendations as a right handed shooter.  I'd like to use the Noveski QD plate adapter as it appears to be the cleanest solution, but searches on their site for the part number and "Benelli" in-general come up blank.  I called them, but they are not taking calls or allowing access to VM.  I sent them an inquiring email and referenced posts on this site from last Spring.  We'll see. 

As an alternative solution, I'm going to order the hollow stock QD base from Grovtech.  I plan to mount it in the recessed portion of the stock just forward of where the existing OEM sling plate resides.  Any thoughts on this?  Seems like it maybe too far forward on the stock when comparing it to the QD location on the collapsible stock.

Thanks in advance, Birdog

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