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Pa. Legalizes Semi Shotguns For Large Game

Pack Rat

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I wanted to share this info as somewhat of a public service announcement to fellow Keystoners  who like me have lost all hope in our game commission and ask a few questions.

For those not in the know here in Pennsylvania we have a very archaic game commission.They prefer muzzleloaders to modern sporting rifles and pass legislation that basically keeps us hunting deer the same way Paul Revere and your Great Granddaddy would have (muzzle loaders,bolt actions and pumps).

We still can't hunt deer,elk or bear with semi-auto rifles. It sucks...

 But (since recently) we CAN now hunt said game with a semi auto shotgun. Needless to say I'm excited about this change and enthusiastic about taking the m4 out for a hunt. Is there anyone out there who could shed some light on distance,ammo,choke for a humane/clean kill?

Any deer hunting advice with a gauge is very much appreciated as I have none. Thank you.

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On 6/27/2022 at 2:14 AM, Worbla said:

Oh, I don't like game hunting at all. As far as I remember, in my school days there was a popular game among my classmates where you had to hunt animals. I don't support it. Well, in general, I like advanced cardgame more, which I occasionally play after work to relax, but at the same time enjoy the game.


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