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    I'm a Long time (now former) lurker here. I've been around guns my whole life & finally found my favorite shotty (the m4).
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  1. I've read a few folks were looking here a while back. https://freedomfightertactical.com/collections/m4/products/benelli-oem-standard-non-pistol-grip-m4-stock-81041?utm_source=Freedom+Fighter+Tactical&utm_campaign=5b1b60cade-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_01_30_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a478b1680f-5b1b60cade-169237713&mc_cid=5b1b60cade&mc_eid=39ff5e0081
  2. TT oversized safety & aftermarket shell lifter. Modlite head for the scout?
  3. The OD green looks good! Close your eyes and visualize the mismatched 50 shades of FDE on all these long guns nowadays when (& if) it bothers you.
  4. Nothing wrong with recoil management. If it works for you and gives you an advantage then it's a worthy piece of kit for you. I believed my m4 needed a weight loss plan. I waited with baited breath for a CC titanium tube to show up in the mail. I appreciate the difference in how the weapon handles. I personally have no reason for a break (but would love to find a flush Teague titanium choke stateside). Porting the Barrell has also crossed my mind a time or two. I've been trying to shave weight on an m4 and SCAR 17 lately (due to scoliosis induced back pain )so my opinion is admitadly bias in favor of the "pounds equal pain" argument. M4s are hella fun to build up. We all want to ours to serve our own specific purpose and intent. Godspeed with your build brother. If you get one please review it in regards to performance & muzzle climb.
  5. You asked for "thoughts". I'm not judging you bro. "One man's trash is another man's treasure" they say. There's no debating that fact.
  6. If you're breaching doors a breacher choke might be somewhat useful (but definitely not necessary) to get that done. I'm not convinced there's any positive benefits to these things but that's just my point of view.
  7. Agreed. I would expect no less from him on the m4 platform.
  8. I use a TTI reduced power hammer spring. It's worked well so far (no ftf)
  9. A+ transaction. Much appreciated,SD
  10. Hello,folks. I'm looking for a new or gently used Scalarworks SYNC for a aimpoint micro. Let me know. Thank you.
  11. Been gone a while. Back to necromance this thread for Les Garten- You can run that elzetta with some bicycle inner tube around the tailcap of your Bravo.Torqe a pound or two extra. The tailcap is tapered and scallopped so back it out towards the stock a bit beforehand.The innertube fills the gaps and gives more surface area engagement. I also added friction tape to the under side of the mount where it interfaced with the barrell.Mines been hanging tough for a couple yrs and hasn't budged in the first AVA mount...and I shoot the m4 quite a bit. I believe elzetta machined the lights for their mount or vice versa. Either way this setup is viable.Good Luck Les
  12. I wanted to check in and let it be known that the elzetta bravo works well in this mount as long as the low-pro bezel and 1" ava ring are utilized.
  13. Loctite...? Never heard of it! Permatex surface insensitive and anaerobic primer are a winning combo.
  14. I went w/ the G-brand because the Lbrand was too low for me to get a proper cheek weld in the middle position using the c-stock. You'd probably need a tall mount if you're running it fully collapsed. Also the weight of the gbrand isn't anything I've noticed after switching out the L-brand mount.
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