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    I'm a Long time (now former) lurker here. I've been around guns my whole life & finally found my favorite shotty (the m4).
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  1. Agreed. I would expect no less from him on the m4 platform.
  2. I use a TTI reduced power hammer spring. It's worked well so far (no ftf)
  3. A+ transaction. Much appreciated,SD
  4. Hello,folks. I'm looking for a new or gently used Scalarworks SYNC for a aimpoint micro. Let me know. Thank you.
  5. Been gone a while. Back to necromance this thread for Les Garten- You can run that elzetta with some bicycle inner tube around the tailcap of your Bravo.Torqe a pound or two extra. The tailcap is tapered and scallopped so back it out towards the stock a bit beforehand.The innertube fills the gaps and gives more surface area engagement. I also added friction tape to the under side of the mount where it interfaced with the barrell.Mines been hanging tough for a couple yrs and hasn't budged in the first AVA mount...and I shoot the m4 quite a bit. I believe elzetta machined the lights for their mount or vice versa. Either way this setup is viable.Good Luck Les
  6. I wanted to check in and let it be known that the elzetta bravo works well in this mount as long as the low-pro bezel and 1" ava ring are utilized.
  7. Loctite...? Never heard of it! Permatex surface insensitive and anaerobic primer are a winning combo.
  8. I went w/ the G-brand because the Lbrand was too low for me to get a proper cheek weld in the middle position using the c-stock. You'd probably need a tall mount if you're running it fully collapsed. Also the weight of the gbrand isn't anything I've noticed after switching out the L-brand mount.
  9. What size if you don't mind me asking?
  10. I also use a T-1 (2moa). I couldn't see myself running anything larger or heavier on an m4. The larue mount I had was slightly too low. I switched to a GDI. With the stock in the middle position the aimpoint's exactly where I need it to be. I finally put a couple (50-75 remy slugs, rio buck) rounds through it last week & everything ran perfectly (even with the reduced power hammer spring). I like the ghost ring (sorta) but but love this red dot. It's never coming off my m4.
  11. I'm interested in the mount but don't believe the torch I have (elzetta bravo AVS) will work with it. I do believe a fury specific mount would work though. The malkoff low-pro head isn't something i feel i need. This mount on the other hand.... If anyones running a AVS Bravo I'd appreciate your feedback on compatibility. Thanks in advance.
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