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    I'm a Long time (now former) lurker here. I've been around guns my whole life & finally found my favorite shotty (the m4).
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  1. Zero for whatever range you’re likely to need it most.
  2. Yeah... 10 yrs plus no problems. Never scraped my knuckles once w the pad inverted.
  3. Flip the GGG bolt release upside down. It gets it out of the way
  4. There’s, “that guy” right on time haha
  5. Yeah I know. I have the scales,karve,XOS’s ,scout mount etc on a SCAR rifle. I’m not talking about mlok or rails though.I just reached out to them about a G10 textured replacement to factory polymer hand guards. If they’re receptive and people here are down maybe they’d do a run. It’s worth a try! If anybody could do it (and do it right) R.S.’s could.
  6. Someone needs to make some G10 textured M4 hand-guards. RailScales make 1911 grips. Is there any reason this couldn’t be a possibility )besides lack of demand)?
  7. Where’s the quality control? They should’ve paid you to take those.
  8. Barrels are parkerized unless cerakoted anymore. Neither are the most durable or protective finish. I have a few scrapes on mine. What bothers me most is the rust coming through the parkerizing (at least that’s how it looks to me) . I see two options either keep oiling the trouble spots and deal with it or send the barrel (or whole shotgun) off to be coated. Neither is ideal but life’s not fair.
  9. Chk Teague out. Once you get your desired distance and constriction dialed in give them a serious look (but mind the conversion chart the Brits have different names for some). Not all chokes are created equal.
  10. The Noveske might work. Don’t over tighten it though
  11. Looks pretty good. I haven’t wanted another charging handle since CC but I want to give this one a try. One in black would be nice.
  12. Nah, I just use the stuff while my little one sleeps .”What they don’t know won’t hurt them” they say. I used to hide guns from my parents now I hide guns from the youth.
  13. The m4 on unofficial Tyco “workbench”
  14. Teague chokes are really nice. I put a titanium flush mobil in the m4 and it tightened up the pattern nicely
  15. I hear ya man. bigtexordnance gets modlite buttons on occasion. I looked everywhere for a hot button couldn’t snag one until I got the notification from them. There’s also a group on Reddit that follows modbutton retailer stockists
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