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  1. mandatory matching 922R compliant gangster grill
  2. Pack Rat

    Some R&D

    I could use something like that for sure
  3. "Patience is a virtue". The CC tube is impeccable. IMO there's nothing better on the market.
  4. Pack Rat

    RMR MOA?

    Smaller dots can do anything a larger dot can. A larger dot isn't as accurate at a distance because it will obstruct more of a target. So it can't do what a smaller dot can.
  5. If you go with the mlok forend I'd give the Railscales scout light mount a good look. I just installed one on a SCAR 17 (w/ a Modlite) and they're very sturdy yet ultra low profile/light weight
  6. I can definitely relate. On one hand... I laugh at my old lady and mock her relentlessly (in good faith) when she's upset she "broke a nail". On the other...the scratch on my SCAR 17 barrel (that I inflicted while swapping a muzzle device) is driving me up a wall.
  7. A 12 gauge semi auto is a formidable tool for home defense. "Hell and back" reliability, red dot friendly, what's not to love? I paid just north of 1500 abt 10 yrs ago and haven't regretted it once.
  8. I wanted to share this info as somewhat of a public service announcement to fellow Keystoners who like me have lost all hope in our game commission and ask a few questions. For those not in the know here in Pennsylvania we have a very archaic game commission.They prefer muzzleloaders to modern sporting rifles and pass legislation that basically keeps us hunting deer the same way Paul Revere and your Great Granddaddy would have (muzzle loaders,bolt actions and pumps). We still can't hunt deer,elk or bear with semi-auto rifles. It sucks... But (since recently) we CAN now hunt sa
  9. I think a pro for the mil. model is the fact that it's more or less a fighting gun that can do it all. A con is the fixed stock position. The m4 tactical has the 3 position buffer tube to adjust length of pull on the OEM collapsible stock and modular choke system. I own the tac model because I don't have longer arms for that fixed length of pull on the mil model. Otherwise I originally would have went that direction. If you ever want the 3 position tube it can be done. There's how to guides and a wealth of knowledge here thanks to Stranger Danger,Benelliwerkes and many others.
  10. I'd definitely consider the m4 heirloom worthy. Good choice! You'll find a lot of useful archived threads in regards to the m4. Welcome!
  11. I shot a bunch of slugs through a modified choke on an m4 without any I'll effect. Others worry about it I chose not to. Later I did switch it out for a more open choke ( I believe it was light modified size ). Either way there was no damage to the barrel or choke threads running the factory mod. choke.
  12. That's the military model with a fixed choke. I believe it's modified or improved cylinder. Either way regular (Remington Sluggers for example) slugs, 00 buck should break it in. After 100 or so rounds try some target loads. The m4 can eat anything except mini-shells without a hiccup given a proper break in period.
  13. I've read a few folks were looking here a while back. https://freedomfightertactical.com/collections/m4/products/benelli-oem-standard-non-pistol-grip-m4-stock-81041?utm_source=Freedom+Fighter+Tactical&utm_campaign=5b1b60cade-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2018_01_30_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_a478b1680f-5b1b60cade-169237713&mc_cid=5b1b60cade&mc_eid=39ff5e0081
  14. TT oversized safety & aftermarket shell lifter. Modlite head for the scout?
  15. The OD green looks good! Close your eyes and visualize the mismatched 50 shades of FDE on all these long guns nowadays when (& if) it bothers you.
  16. Nothing wrong with recoil management. If it works for you and gives you an advantage then it's a worthy piece of kit for you. I believed my m4 needed a weight loss plan. I waited with baited breath for a CC titanium tube to show up in the mail. I appreciate the difference in how the weapon handles. I personally have no reason for a break (but would love to find a flush Teague titanium choke stateside). Porting the Barrell has also crossed my mind a time or two. I've been trying to shave weight on an m4 and SCAR 17 lately (due to scoliosis induced back pain )so my opinion is admitadly bias
  17. You asked for "thoughts". I'm not judging you bro. "One man's trash is another man's treasure" they say. There's no debating that fact.
  18. If you're breaching doors a breacher choke might be somewhat useful (but definitely not necessary) to get that done. I'm not convinced there's any positive benefits to these things but that's just my point of view.
  19. Agreed. I would expect no less from him on the m4 platform.
  20. I use a TTI reduced power hammer spring. It's worked well so far (no ftf)
  21. A+ transaction. Much appreciated,SD
  22. Hello,folks. I'm looking for a new or gently used Scalarworks SYNC for a aimpoint micro. Let me know. Thank you.
  23. Been gone a while. Back to necromance this thread for Les Garten- You can run that elzetta with some bicycle inner tube around the tailcap of your Bravo.Torqe a pound or two extra. The tailcap is tapered and scallopped so back it out towards the stock a bit beforehand.The innertube fills the gaps and gives more surface area engagement. I also added friction tape to the under side of the mount where it interfaced with the barrell.Mines been hanging tough for a couple yrs and hasn't budged in the first AVA mount...and I shoot the m4 quite a bit. I believe elzetta machined the lights for their mo
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