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New guy with a sad story


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Hello everybody!!

I found this forum while looking for parts, so here's the sad story:

My Super 90 turkey gun was severely damaged in an accident. The short version is that my 17 year old son left it laying on the bed cover of his pickup (in a soft case) and it ended up falling off and laying in the road all night getting run over by traffic :rolleyes:

It happened about a month ago and I just got up the nerve to look at it this evening. I didn't think there was a chance of anything being salvageable but I just might be able to make it work again.

The stock is destroyed and the barrel is bent, but the receiver, trigger group, fore end, and magazine tube are OK. The magazine tube itself is not bent, but it is slightly out of alignment with the receiver, apparently where the bushing connects into the receiver. The bolt link appears to have a slight bend too.

I emailed Benelli requesting a parts list with prices, but I don't expect to hear from them any time soon.

Does anybody have any opinions or advice on trying to get it working again???

And, any estimates on the cost of replacement parts???


Thank you in advance,


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Sorry to hear about that it's got to make you sick I know it would me. It sure sounds to me like the gun is a total loss. I think when you start checking into the cost of the parts you'll find it will be cheaper to replace your loss with a used gun.

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Brownells is the main parts dealer for Benelli.


I would think that the cost of the replacement parts would far exceed a new gun. Stock and barrel will run $600 alone.


I would not even consider rebuilding this gun. Bent parts are just asking for trouble.


Buy a new M2 in camo and move on.


mudhen - CA

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