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In search of a Benelli SBE 1 barrel


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You might also look at the SBE II barrels.

But, if you are not already familiar, there is a difference between the SBE1 and SBE II barrels. The SBE II barrel uses the newer Crio Chokes which have a different thread depth location. The SBE 1 choke threads are at the very tip of the barrel whereas later Benelli's including SBE II have the threads ~3/4: down into the barrel. They are not interchangeable. The II also have a longer recoil lug under the barrel by the ring. If you put a SBEII barrel on a SBE, you'll have to Dremel out the forearm a bit to make it fit or modified forearm can be purchased. Or, if you have a factory SBE 1 slug gun, those already have the modified forearm. The big thing is that they have a higher, more angled vent rib. If you just move to it, then it isn't an issue as you'll adjust to it, or change the shims to make it fit. But, if you intend to go back and forth, it will throw you off every time you switch between them. If you do go the SBEII route, I can link a previous post with pictures of how to modify the forearm.

I don't know if you are still in need of one, but you might try Gunbroker.com. They still show up on there from time to time. I bought one of the HK SBE's and all the barrels as well as the modified forearm shown in the pic below on there. If you look close at the pictures, you can see the difference in the lugs and rib height. I also edited a 2nd picture to point out those differences.

You can find one on Armslist occasionally as well as GunBroker if you are patient.  In fact, if you have an account, I did the steps for a search for "Benelli Super Black Eagle" in the shotgun barrels section:
https://www.gunbroker.com/Shotgun-Barrels/search?Keywords=benelli Super black eagle&Sort=13&PageSize=24

And, just "Benelli SBE" in the shotgun barrels section::

Then, when there, log in (if not already), and then click "Save this Search". It will ask if you want to be notified of a listing. Check yes and now you'll get an email every time one comes up for sale. You may need to further edit the filter to suit your needs.


SBE with text-small.jpg

Barrels with color indicators.jpg

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