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Mag Tube and Stock Options


Mag Tube and Stock Options   

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  1. 1. Due to local laws, I have two choices of mag tube/stock combinations. Go with capacity or go with a PG stock? Which is more important?

    • Benelli Field stock with full length 7 round magazine tube.
    • Benelli Pistol Grip stock with OEM 5 rd tube and limiter.

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29 minutes ago, D'zaster said:

Milspec, I'm wondening if the marks might come off with washing w soap and wipe down w light rem oil on a rag (or dare I say amorall)? I am expecting my foregrips back soon, hopefully no issues like this.

I wiped it down with a mild cleaner and then hit it with an oiled rag.  Marks are still there.......

I'm sure your foregrips will be fine.  Less real estate to booger up. 

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8 minutes ago, GTTom said:

Call Tango and ask them. My forearm looks great without any marks. Maybe they did just an exchange?

I reached out to them.  Typically they are pretty responsive.

I wonder about the exchange.  That's not what they indicate on the website but one has to wonder.  That turnaround time was almost too quick to believe.

I know they were fast when I send the forearm in but not this fast.


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Tango is usually awesome.  I’m not trying to spread any hate towards them.  I’m just trying to figure out what happened.  I know the stocks can have some marks out of the box but I don’t think I would have over looked ALL of these. 






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