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M3 Cartridge Drop Lever does not have the same function as on the M2/M4?


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I just acquired a brand new M3 Super 90.  So far I am extremely happy with it.

My understanding is that with an M4 (or M2) you can load the mag tube and freely cycle the bolt but it won't load a cartridge unless you press the Cartridge Drop Lever (or pull the trigger).  Allowing you to cycle the bolt and eject the chambered round and replace it (or not) via the ejection port without taking a round from the magazine.

My M3 CDL seems to have no function whatsoever other than to let me know the hammer is cocked.  If I load the mag tube and cycle the bolt it does not matter if I press the CDL or not, rounds feed from the magazine into the chamber.

From everything I have read in the manual this appears to be correct.  It only mentions the CDL in relation to indicating the hammer is cocked showing that you can load the magazine.

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