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Montefeltro 20 ga failing to eject.


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I have a Montefeltro 20 ga that for the past 3k rds or so has been flawless.  It is always stored clean and recently began failing to eject the fired shell.  The bolt comes back but the shell stays in line with the chamber and jams the gun.

When I bought the shotgun it was lightly used and already had a surecycle kit installed. I’ve pulled the surecycle apart and it was clean, I lightly oiled it and reinstalled but the problem persists

I am leery of it being the surecycle recoil spring though I’m not opposed to replacing it.  Does anyone know if surecycles take standard recoil springs or special springs? 

Any other idea of things to check is appreciated. 

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Your description needs a bit more as it is unclear what you mean by " . . . the shell stays in line with the chamber . . . "  Is the spent casing being extracted from the chamber and not ejecting, or does the spent casing remain in the chamber?  If it is being extracted from the chamber then there's possibly an issue with the ejector.  If it stays in the chamber then the first thing to look at is the extractor.  In addition, is it happening all the time or just once in a while?
















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