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M1 90 scope mounting issues.


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I don't know if any of you have tried, or succeeded in mounting a scope on your M1 Super 90. After purchasing the gun brand new for $550 ($876 in today's dollars) in 1991, I had purchased a fully rifled barrel the first year they were available, for $360 ($574 in today's dollars) sometime before 2000. 1998 I think. I was told that the barrel was a cantilever mount. It wasn't. It turned out that I wanted a scope mounted to the receiver. The dealer of the barrel had his gunsmith mount a weaver type one piece mount. The problem with that particular receiver is that there is nothing to tap in the front. You must rely on mounting the screws to the rear of the receiver only.

I took the scope off and found out that the gunsmith had relied on two rear screws with a barely tapped front screw to hold the mount on. Years later, I had decided on a Warne Quick Release ring system. I purchased the mount that was for the Super Black Eagle, since the M1 90 wasn't listed in their catalog. Now I know why. There is absolutely no way to mount a two piece mount on this gun. The aluminum, or whatever the receiver is made from is way too thin to mount the front mount. Warne sent me a free one piece mount that lined up with the rear holes that I had drilled and tapped for the rear mount. They are 8-40 screws. What I did was to drill a hole forward of the two rear screws, the same spacing as the rear two. Now I have three rear screws in the mount that grab the receiver very securely. Since I had used the scope successfully with just the two in the rear for over 20 years, I am confident that I am good to go. I don't even want to attempt to try and mount a forward hole with no meat to tap into with that part of the receiver being so thin.

The purpose of my post is to alert anyone who thinks they can easily mount a scope on these HK imported receivers, it's not terribly difficult, but you have to be creative. I like having the quick release rings to take the scope off for walking, and sitting in the stand I prefer a scope. 200 yards is highly doable on Whitetails with the fully rifled barrel and Lightfield 1 1/8 oz slugs. I've done it. I'm glad I took the effort to switch to the Warne mount, as it is a very low profile that allows me to easily use the open sights with the scope off. The rings are very reliable in their ability to maintain accuracy when taken off and put back on.Benelli mount hole.CR2

Benelli mount hole.jpg

Benelli spacing.jpg

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14 hours ago, ruger said:

what type of scope do you plan on installing?

I have a Nikon Monarch 1.5x-4.5x x 20mm that I bought 20 years ago. I also have a Burris Fullfield II 1.75x-5x x 20mm that's the same age that I can swap from an Encore muzzle loader. I'm planning on the Nikon as of now.

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I've seen a person mount a "scout" scope to the barrel itself. These scopes, because of their long eye relief do work quite well. This is EXACTLY why I went with my SBE for a slug barrel instead of the M1 even though I didn't need the extra chamber length. The fact that the receiver extension is part of the barrel, you can mount your scope to it and when the barrel comes off, so does the scope. I put a Leupold UltimateSlam 2x7x33 on mine and it seems to be about perfect for my, admittedly aging, eyes.

Very ingenious setup you created. As you said, it certainly took some creativity. I wonder if things would have lined up right from underneath to actually thread a steel mount and put screws in from the bottom instead.

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