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Commemorative "American Flag" M1014


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My question: Did any of the current run of Commemorative M1014's (with the American Flag) come with an actual operable collapsible stock?  Or are all of them, regardless of which State in the country they are for sale in, have the look-a-like collapsible stock, with a smooth recoil tube without any detents, and a butt that is pinned so that the normal release button is present, but is not able to be pushed or operated?

Thanks again for your time.  A seller online states that his Commemorative with the American Flag engraved on the receiver, and "M1014" stamped on the receiver where other models have the stamp "M4", in fact has a completely operable collapsible stock.  It is therefore not legal in California. 

I have not seen that before, and the factory stickers on his box have all the same product numbers as the Commemoratives that are for sale in California.

Thanks again for your time.

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The california commemorative model is different.  The model number is 11701CA vs 11701. The california model has a screw which locks the button.  I suppose the 11701 does not have a lock screw.  The 11701CA model is stamped M1014.  The model 11707 is the pistol grip stock stamped with M4 and is CA legal.  The seller could pin the stock, but people just aren't up for the hassle.

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