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Thankful for birdshot!


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I've had the M4 for a few months and 90% of the ammo I've run through it has been 7 1/2 shot game loads.  The first few boxes right out of the box were all game loads.  It has malfunctioned exactly zero times.  I had heard and read that the new M4 needs to be broken in on high brass before it can reliably run light loads--not in my experience.

I'm extremely satisfied with the M4.  I'm also very happy to add a shotgun to the safe because its the only thing I can afford to shoot now.  Game loads are still available everywhere online.  I guess most people don't consider birdshot for defense so its not being scalped.  It would not be my first choice either but I know at close range it produces damage that is probably not even survivable -- I've seen tests of birdshot where it blows a fist size hole through 1/2" plywood at 5 yards.

With the coyote full choke on, my range will let me shoot shotguns.  As long as I can get cheap birdshot I'll still be shooting the M4!

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