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I think my m4 build is finished. What do you think?


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Hey guys!

Here is what i got currently. I would add a c stock but I'm in california, no go on the adjustable stock here. I got a fft titanium tube on the way, whenever those come back in stock. Considering maybe the oversized safety or tango forearm stippling. Anyone have those done, and is it worth it? Anything else i could/should do to my shotty? Lastly, how did i do? 

• FFT Steel 1/2" Charging Handle
• FFT/Wolff Hi-Power Mag Spring
• FFT Steel 7rd Tube, 922r
• FFT Aluminum Follower, 922r
• FFT Trigger Kit, 3x 922r
• A&S Enhanced Trigger Guard, 922r
• Mesa Urbino Stock w/ Limbsaver, 922r
• Taran Accuguide Carrier
• Noveske QD Sling Mount
• GG&G Bolt Release Button
• Impact Weapons Scout Light Mount
• Modlite PLHv2-18650 WML
• Scalarworks SYNC/01
• Trijicon RM06 Type 2 3.25 MOA
• Benelli Cylinder, IC, & Mod Chokes


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Looks great.  I'm just about where you are with just a few components being different manufacturers or materials (titanium vs steel).  My next step, if I ever get to it is to have the loading port enlarged and shaped to make dual and quad loads easier.  After that will be to have the internals NP3 coated...am hoping the NP3 market will open up a little; sooner than later.

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19 minutes ago, nklineg said:

Nice work! 

Did you have any trouble with the FFT Trigger Kit and A&S Trigger Guard? I'm considering that as a next upgrade.

Actually not at all! It worked great. Drop in fit. More than likely will need the a&s if you go with the fft, the oem polymer housing gave me problems. 

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