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You shouldn't have to grind the choke on a $1500 gun, it should be perfect for all shooters right from the box smile.gif


Actually, there shouldn't even be a box. For $1500, the gun should be hand delivered by Tom Knapp to my door, assembled, in a nice Benelli gun case...the black one will do fine...


As a matter of fact, no $1500 gun should ever require any additional adjustments.


For $1500, the gun should self-adjust, self-clean, self-shoot, etc.


I shudda bought a Mossturd :(


I'm gone until the 27th, I can say what I want :cool:


mudhen - CA

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You can purchase eccentric chokes from Briley.

These chokes are purposely ground slightly

off center which will move the pattern in the desired direction.


You can also send the gun to someone like Seminole Gunworks and have the barrel bent

slightly to move your pattern.


In either case, competent gunsmiths can

achieve desired results with very minor modifications.



Seems like you are suggesting that an individual

could grind out an existing choke tube and

get results..... interesting.




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Mudhen I agree with you 100%. I would never grind a choke on any gun weather it cost $15.00 or $1500.00 to make it shoot straight. I just thought it was interesting that some people would go to that extreme to make a gun shoot straight.


HH according to the article on page 24 of Sporting Clays mag that is exactly what the guy did, and he got the POI to change.

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