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M1 Tactical needs a hunting barrel

James Cook

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James,that site offers 21,24,26,28inch sport and field barrels for the M1 receivers wether they be practical ,tactical,field,as long as they are the M1 series,Navigate the site till you get to the accessories,go to barrells and check it out,I want a 28 incher for some future trap but the bread is out of my reach at the moment,good luck----M1014 :cool:

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I checked into that while considering which benelli model to select. I wanted the tactical but also wanted flexibility. I was told by benelli that any m1 barrel will fit the m1 tactical. the reason is that if you look closely at the m1 tactical, feild, practical etc they ALL (later versions not the early versions with the Hk stamp) at the M1 super 90 receiver. The only difficulty you might find is that if you have Ghost ring sights on teh tactical then you will be getting a barel with a bead sight, unless you go with the 26" practical barrell.


hope this helps

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I own a M1 super 90 and i hunt with it. i have not changed the barrel. i still use the smooth bore that came with it. i use the remington copper solids sabots. the first time i used it, i took a nice 10 point buck @100 yards. this gun does it all. i found out about it when i was qualifying for the sheriffs academy.

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