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Shell carrier for Benelli Nova


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The Velcro systems is actually the best option. The large bulky receiver mounted options do nothing but add weight and girth. They don’t crush flat when empty like the Velcro models.  When setting up the Velcro card system, you can have multiple cards that you can swap on and off there receiver to do even faster loads. The spare cards are fixed to a plate carrier or chest risk. These setups are generally cheaper too. 

For competition, most competitors have belt mounted speed pouches that let them grab 3-4shells at a time into their loading hand. They then speed feed them in without having to cherry pick a round at a time, move it to the gate. Load it. Move their hand back to the carrier. Cherry pick it. Move it back to the gate. Load it and repeat. Once their hand is at the loading port, they can stuff 3-4 shells in without any arm movement. Keeping the weight of the shells off the firearm has its benefits too. 

The Velcro carriers release the shells better than the hard mount systems I’ve use from Mesa Tactical and SideArmor. 

For bump in the night situations where you don’t have time to put on all this equipment, a bandolier is easy to stow with the shotgun and will have plenty of ammo for most situations. 


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