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Nova fails to load last round


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Bought a Nova Tactical. Due to COVID, have not been to the range yet, but was using A-Zoom Snap Caps to get used to the action. After a while, the Nova stopped loading the last round out of the magazine. Finally got it out, and tried it with real shells, same issue. Finally got it out, and tried again with the Snap Caps. Same problem. I have the plug out. I've tried both attaching and removing a Carlson extension, but always the same thing: last round won't leave the magazine.  Anyone seen this before? Thanks.  --Dave

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Any other modifications done to it?

I’d disassemble the magazine and clean the tube well. Do not put lubricant inside the tube or on the follower. Lube collects fowling when firing and can hamper the magazine from functioning. The last shell in the tube has the least amount of spring tension on it. 

If that doesn’t correct the issue, I’d look into getting a replacement magazine spring. 

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Thanks SD. I'm planning to break it down this weekend. (Looks like I'll be shoveling snow between tomorrow than then.) Anyway, the Carlson extender naturally came with a longer spring, so I've already covered the replacement-spring angle while I had the extender on. Didn't fix. So I removed the extender, just to start eliminating variables. No other mods, except like I said above I've removed the plug/limiter. It's just so weird. I've tried loading 2 shells, 3 shells, and 4 shells, and regardless of how many I load it consistently identifies the last shell and stops it from exiting the magazine. Bloody strange. I think the damn thing's haunted.  :)  --Dave

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