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props to Benelli customer service and warranty repair


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ive had my M4 11707 for 14 years now and while hunting coyotes in early winter the safety became nearly impossible to engage/disengage. i ordered a Taran Tactical replacement. When i went to change it, the factory safety was stuck in place and wouldnt come out. i called Benelli, got an RMA and they received the trigger pack on 29 Dec.  I got a brand new, aluminum replacement on Saturday. (original was also aluminum). I know Benelli stands behind their products but i wasnt sure how this would go considering ive had the gun so long. Kudos to them for treating me right. Below is the email i received concerning the issue.

Joannie Chesser [email protected]Hide
To Tom Sizemore

Here are the notes from the gunsmith that will also be included with the return.


Very rare malfunction. The tip of the safety plunger broke off in the guard and  became lodged and dug into the guard permanently damaging the guard. Replaced the trigger assembly with a metal guard . F/C ok. JW



Joannie Chesser

Repair Administrator



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yeah man, i remember you as well. i lurk here mostly bc while there alot of good people here, you still have  a few arrogant as*holes that have nothing better to do than spout off their moneymakers.  i see the issues you're having with your M4. to get to repair, i called the benelliusa phone number and went from there. After they recieved my M4, my point of contact was Joannie Chesser and this is her email, [email protected]  but im guessing you'll have to go thru the channels to get to her if you call.  good luck

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hey brother, thanks for the reply, that is the awesome response i was fishing for! yea its funny to think over a decade ago we were trying to figure out the differences between the military m1014s and the 2500 of those they let the public have and we were circling a petition around the different forums to get a company to make an usa collapsible stock and emailing back and forth with atf. i still have a link to the petition in my signature haha. its super F'ing sad that benelli let this garbage ship out from their country, I dont know what those damn spaghetti heads are up to but their factory oompa loompas screwed the pooch badly. for a goddam 2000+ dollar tool it better be flawless. someone over at ar15.com got theirs with crooked sights too. unacceptable tragedy.

thanks again.

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