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M4 vs. M1014 Mag Tube Q's???


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Newby here--so howdy all!


I have a chance to pick up a 1 of 2500 shotguns, just waiting to hear whether it is a 11703 or 11707. It is a gun that another fella purchased new and has never fired and now is getting rid of--fair price would be what?


My main question is about the 2+ mag extension vs. the full length tubes. Which do the guns that everyone is waiting for have? Will they come with a full length, smooth, mag tube or with the +2 plus extension already installed? I like the looks of the smooth one piece tube and wanted to know whether the new imports--once they actually start coming in--will have these or not.


What other differences are there between the new guns we are expecting--hopefully before Christmas 2008--and the Model 11707 with swapped stock and mag extension?


What is a fair price for a new 11703 or 11707?





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Man jump on it,there going for 1200 bucks roughly,,be shrewd,, chew him down,,,,,if you want looks wait for the other ones ,,if you want no worry action,,,get the 11701,,you can build it to your specs and have fun on the way,,,mag extensions are avaliable on the web :cool: 304912.jpg 343761.jpg


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Originally posted by M4Miami:

M1014 - what makes the 11701 so much more reliable or simple to "make your own"


Help the newbie!!)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) look around,,which is more prone to breaks ,,its all about quality control in production,,,one takes more of a chance by far with the newer M4s than with the 11701s,,,don;t resist,,go with your karma :cool:




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